Volunteer at the Moulton Museum

Are you ready to share the vibrant history of Orange County? We will provide docent training. Let us know your general availability and past experiences that will prepare you for this volunteer position. Please note that we will conduct a background check to ensure our community’s safety.

What does a docent do?

As a Moulton Museum volunteer, you will lead guided tours at the museum for group tours, students, and open hours of operation. You will be an integral part of the museum experience. Guests come to the museum with a variety of backgrounds and knowledge on the subject. You will be the authority on the topic. Your job is to provide the students with a positive and rewarding learning experience while supporting the museum’s vision. The museum encourages you to have fun, use anecdotes, humor, music, and role play to help the experience be memorable.

As a docent, you will act as a steward of the collection on display. While a tour is being conducted, you are responsible for the learning experience of each group and need to be aware of where each guest is during the tour as a team.

Docent’s Objective:

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  • Set standards for museum etiquette.
  • Promote an appreciation of local history.
  • Use accurate information to educate students.
  • Create a professional and welcoming atmosphere for students.
  • Act as a steward of the Museum.

Skill Sets and Interests:

  • Passion for engaging students with new ideas.
  • Ability to effectively manage a tour group throughout their visit.
  • Ability to problem-solve, be flexible, and work well with a team.
  • Be able to physically stand, walk, and speak for 15-20 minute duration, multiple times in a day.
  • Be positive, enthusiastic, and bring joy to the learning environment.
  • Arrive early and be prepared.
  • Create interest in the beginning of the tour so guests will want to hear more. First impressions are important
  • Be confident, speak clearly, and use a volume that can be heard by all the students in the group.
  • Personalize your tour (you can refer to the script but also make it flow naturally).
  • If you are asked a question and you do not know the answer it is ok to say, “I don’t have the answer to that, but let’s see if after the tour.” Or you can also say, “That would be an excellent question to research.”
  • Listen to your visitors – you can learn from them, too. Adapt your tour to the audience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

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Who are we looking for?

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How to apply?

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Teaching Educator


Columbio, US

Job Type:

Senior Program Coordinator


Master’s Degree


Not Specified