The history of this region has been systematically preserved for over 100 years by the Moulton family. What was once stored in households and barns has been digitized. Records can now be accessed with Omeka, our content management system.

Art Programs

We offer en plein air classes taught by Laguna Beach artists.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”          Pablo Picasso

City of Aliso Viejo

The Aliso Viejo Ranch interpretive plan was developed by the museum team.

Classroom Tours (2021)

Bring your 4th Grade classroom to our museum for a local history guided-tour. Your students will learn about pioneers, sheep and cattle herding, commercial and tenant farming, and the development of modern cities such as Rancho Niguel.

Docent Tours (2021)

Take a tour of the Moulton Museum with a docent. Our program is offered on the third Friday of the month.


Our collections have been featured in community sites like the Laguna Hills Civic Center, Aliso Viejo Ranch, Moulton Elementary, Casa Romantica, and Laguna Woods History Center. We are planning on showcasing the collection at Soka University in 2021.

Laguna College for Art + Design

We are creating innovative, virtual experiences with the college. Our goal is to design augmented VR of the Moulton Ranch that show the progress from sheep to cattle industry. Since many of the physical building and natural environments survived into the 21st Century, this space will allow guests to see the past. The Orange County vista of rolling hills will be once be shown again in this virtual space.

Laguna Playhouse

We are collaborating with the board of directors for the centennial celebration.

Moulton Elementary

The Moulton Company financially supports the writing program. We are developing lesson plans and collaborating on ongoing curriculum.

OC Parks

We supply historical materials to the county for their community sites.

Oral History Project

We facilitate long-format video interviews with those who recall Orange County’s early years. We have partnered with the OC Public Libraries on the OC Stories series.