October 2020

Happy Fall Equinox!

With the official start of fall, we hope these historical images from past harvests inspire your own local celebrations. Take a look at this image of Nellie Gail in costume, circa 1892.

Nellie wore a theater type costume with a crown, fan, and Japanese kimono. (2019.11.01.04) As you can imagine, Nellie has a love for the arts since a very young age. Don’t miss an opportunity to see her exhibition at Casa Romantica until November 15, 2020. You can purchase a limited run giclée at the Museum Store or place an order in person at the exhibit.

When Nellie was courting Lewis, she shared in her memoirs about her conversations with her future husband. “I told him my desire was to see ‘Ben Hur‘, the much talked-about play and currently showing to capacity audiences in the city…Often he traveled to the city and invariably came out to visit the family, and me, particularly. We went to concerts, the theatre, out to dinner.”

Image Caption: Nellie Gail reading over Lewis Moulton’s shoulder in a formal studio portrait taken circa 1908. 54 year old Lewis and 29 year old Nellie Gail were married on November 28, 1908 in Camarillo and had a honeymoon in Hawaii.

Rancho San Felipe: A Story of California One Hundred Years Ago is an illustrated San Diego local history children’s history book. It was written by Scott T. Barnes. This forty page illustrated, hardback covers the history of a mission and its rancho history. Integrate it with your current social studies lessons or use it as a bedtime story.

“A tale of adventure and an unlikely friendship on one of California’s last ranchos. In fourth grade California students study the state’s history including the missions and ranchos. However, few tales from this period have been written down. Rancho San Felipe is a true story of a 1905 adventure told by the daughter of the hero. Woman-of-the-year winner Sarah Duque’s delightful full-color illustrations make this true story equally appropriate as a fourth-grade reader and a read-aloud book. Includes a map, vocabulary, and brands used to identify cattle.” 

The Moulton family participated in a 2013 founders day celebration at Aliso Viejo Ranch. Learn more about this historic 7.7 acre property under construction.

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Historic Harvest

A green tractor leads a red combine in a large crop field. One man sits upon the tractor, while three men stand on the combine. (2017.13.178)



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