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June 2022

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In this edition of our newsletter, we celebrate our recent graduates, honor our fathers, and showcase our donors!

Orange County Historical Commissioners presented the Aliso Viejo Ranch site plaque to Mayor Ross Chun and Moulton Museum President Jared Mathis.

1874: Into the West

Check out this sneak peak to our featured film 1874: Into the West.

Lewis Fenno Moulton wrote home to the Fenno family who were his cousins who resided in Boston. Fenno Brothers & Childs were merchants who issued a weekly wool report. Originally invested in herds of sheep, Lewis expanded his land development of Rancho Niguel in the 1800s.

 Jean Pierre Daguerre (1896-1911) was born in Hasparren, Basses-Pyrenees, France who spoke Spanish, French, and English. J.P. Daguerre, Lewis Moulton’s Basque business partner arrived in California in 1874. He was sponsored by the Amestoy family who were sheepherders and early financiers of the Farmers and Merchants Bank in Los Angeles.

From the Archive

Happy Father's Day! Lewis Moulton with baby Charlotte at the Moulton Ranch, 1910. (2017.05.17)

Nearly all of his employees were of Latin background, Basque or Mexican,” Charlotte recalled in 1991. “So Daddy made it his project to learn Spanish, and he spoke it fluently. I'll always remember, he said to me one day, ‘Charlotte, if you wish to be close to the hearts of the men, speak to them in the tongue of their mothers.’

Moulton Museum | Collection

We are celebrating World Oceans Day which will take place on June 8, 2022.

A Study of Laguna Beach (2022.03.02)
We have new Nellie Gail Moulton fine art discoveries currently located in New York. Roberta Majka shared with us how her maternal grandmother, Annette Galbraith Goheen, was a friend of Nellie Gail’s during their childhood in Hebron, Nebraska. These ladies were lifelong friends who traveled together.

Congratulations Class of 2022!

Mallory Mathis earned her M.A. in Leadership Development from Chapman University. Emmalee Barnes earned a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Colorado, Colorado Spring. They are the great-great granddaughters of Nellie Gail Moulton.

 We are excited for Alexis Silva, M.A. in History, and Skyler Moravcik, B.A. in Marketing, who earned their degrees from CSU Fullerton and have been interning with the museum. Luis Barajas earned a BFA in Illustration and is busy creating The Pioneer Spirit at the Moulton Museum! Robin Venter received a BFA in Fine Arts and self-portrait was featured in the LCAD Gallery exhibition and will be helping us hang our collection in Nellie’s Gallery. 

Moulton Museum | Sponsors

The museum is opening this year! We are grateful to the Moulton Niguel Water District who is our Founding Partner. Thank you to Joone Lopez, General Manager at MNWD, for your leadership.

Please consider a charitable donation to our 501c3 that is tax-deductible. We have some amazing programs that you can direct your funds towards.

Pictured here are some of Moulton Niguel’s Board Directors and staff: Johnathan Cruz, Director Diane Rifkin, Genevieve Ramirez, and Director Richard Fiore (from let to right).

Are you passionate about local history? Consider joining the Moulton Museum as a volunteer. If you’re interested, go to our form to be considered for a position as a docent, classroom educator, researcher, or event ambassador. Please fill our out form at: Thank you! 

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