Moulton Family

Thomas Moulton 

B. 14 Jul 1608

Ormesby St Margaret, Great Yarmouth Borough, Norfolk, England

Norfolk, England

  1. 1703 (aged 94–95) Hampton, New Hampshire

York Village, York County, Maine, USA

 Martha Savage

 B. 1609 Ormsby, Norfolk, England

 D. 1711 York, York, Maine, USA

Founders Park

Information from the Hampton Historical Society in Maine. A must visit for the family as it holds Moulton Family documents. 

  • Thomas MOULTON came to Newbury in 1637 with the first settlers to Hampton, where he was granted 80 acres in December 1639 and lived near the home of his elder brother John MOULTON. Called “of Hampton” in deeds 12 MAY 1656 when he sold his house there, but owned property in York by July 1654. Bought 70 acres with a small building adjacent to Arthur BRAGDON in March 1655. He was of York when he sold this to Alexander MAXWELL 23 JAN 1657 and lived on Gorges Neck until his death.He was constable in 1661; grand jury 1666-67; trial jury 1668; he signed the petition in favor of Peter Weare in 1668; selectman 1679,1680. In 1684 he and his wife Martha deeded their whole estate to their sons Jeremiah and Joseph for support for life. He was dead in 1703, she in 1711, Jeremiah having cared for her. 
  • John Moulton and his family, along with his younger brother, Thomas, came to this country on the ship Rose out of Yarmouth arriving in Boston, MA, 11 Apr 1637.


Thomas Moulton Jr. – 1639

Daniel Moulton – 1641

Abigail Moulton – 1642

Robert Moulton – 1644

Hannah Moulton – 1645

Joseph Moulton – 1648

Mary Moulton – 1652

Jeremiah Moulton – 1656



Joseph Moulton                                                                           Hannah Littlefield

  1. 1648 York Village, York County,                                           B. 6 Jan 1652 Wells, York County,

Maine, USA                                                                                Maine, USA

  1. 25 Jan 1692 (aged 43–44)                                                      D. 25 Jan 1692 (aged 40)

York Village, York County, Maine, USA                                   York Village, York County, Maine, USA

  • Both are buried in Old York Cemetery
    • Corner of York St, (Rte 1a) and Lindsay Rd

York Village, York County, Maine, USA


  • Joseph 
  • Daniel (1683)
  • John (1684)
  • Jeremiah (1688)
  • Joseph was a York village tavern keeper by about 1670 and a few years later he married Hannah Littlefield, and they had four children. Joseph was elected town Constable in 1686. Hannah was killed by Natives during the Candlemas Massacre of Jan 25, 1692. Abenaki Natives pulled off the surprise attack with support from their French allies. There’s historical uncertainty whether Joseph was killed outright; he may have been taken captive and died enroute to Canada. In either case their four young children survived, but never saw their father again. Jeremiah, the youngest son who at the age of four had witnessed his mother’s murder, exacted revenge years later when he led a brutal attack on the Norridgewock tribe.
  • Hannah was the daughter of Francis and Rebecca Littlefield of Wells, Maine, Hannah married Joseph Moulton about 1677 and they had four children (John, Joseph, Daniel, Jeremiah). Hannah was killed with about 40 other villagers by Abenaki Natives, during the Candlemas Massacre. Her husband Joseph, a village tavern keeper and constable, was captured and died enroute to Canada with his Indian captors. Remarkably, their children who were between 4 and 10 years of age, somehow survived — the Natives either left them in York or took them to Montreal where they were later ransomed (‘redeemed’) by John Alden. A case can be made for the latter in that the Natives often spared healthy children, knowing they could get money for them from their French allies in Montreal.


Jeremiah Moulton                                                                  Hannah Sayward

  1. 17 Jan 1714                                                                        B. 31 May 1716 York Village,

York Village, York County, Maine, USA                               York County, Maine, USA

  1. 16 Jul 1777 (aged 63)                                                        D: 3 Dec 1757 (aged 41)

York Village, York County, Maine, USA                              York County, Maine, USA

  • Both are buried in Old York Cemetery
    • Corner of York St, (Rte 1a) and Lindsay Rd

                                    York Village, York County, Maine, USA     

  • In 1757 Jeremiah served in the Blue Troop of Horse in York County; became a Lieutenant Colonel on 10 March 1762. In 1761 & 1765 & 1771 he served as Justice of the Peace.
  • Jeremiah and Hannah married on 20 December 1737 at York, York, Maine
  • In August 1724 a carefully planned expedition of over 200 colonial soldiers headed up the Kennebec from Fort Richmond (Richmond, Maine). After stopping briefly at Ticonic (Winslow), where they left their whaleboats and a guard of 40 men, they continued north on foot towards Norridgewock (Narantsouak; today Old Point, Madison). Captain Johnson Harmon led the raid, with Moulton as second in command. Among the raiders were many York soldiers who, like Harmon, Moulton, and some other officers, had been present, had had relatives killed or captured, or had been made captives themselves in the raid on York in 1692. Coming within striking distance of Norridgewock about noon on 12 August, the raiding force was divided into two sections of some 80 men each. Captain Harmon, who chose to attack through the tribe’s cornfields, found no Indians and missed the whole fight. Captain Moulton led his men directly into the village. They were warned to silence and were under strict orders not to fire until the enemy had emptied their guns. The surprised warriors, about 50 or 60 in number, rushed out of their homes shooting wildly at the attackers, withstood a disciplined return volley, fired again, then retreated to join the women and children whose earlier flight they had been trying to cover. They were pursued by most of Moulton’s men, who cut them down in the river and in the forest. The old chief Mog* and Father Rale held out in the village. As he was firing from a cabin, Rale was killed by Lieutenant Richard Jaques, Harmon’s son-in-law, against orders from Moulton that he be captured alive. Norridgewock was looted and later burned, and the dead were scalped.
  • After this attack, Captain Moulton continued to take part in scouting expeditions. When the war was over, he remained a militia officer, but resumed his civil career. He became a judge, sheriff of York County, member of the Massachusetts Council, and holder of various other offices. He also developed farms and mills, and helped to found the town which later became Sanford, Maine. During King George’s War, Moulton, now a colonel and one of New England’s most experienced soldiers, once more saw active service; he commanded one of the three Massachusetts regiments in the expedition against Louisbourg, Île Royale (Cape Breton Island) in 1745. In April of that year he landed with the New England troops at Canso and went from there, leading a detached force of New Hampshire men, to capture and destroy Port-Toulouse (St Peters, N.S.) in early May. He sat regularly with the council of war at Louisbourg and stayed on after the fall of the town to help with its occupation. He did not return to Maine until December 1745; shortly thereafter he was appointed judge of probate for York County.
  • In 1760 Moulton’s first wife died; in 1762 he married Mrs Mary Lord. He remained an active and respected citizen of York until his death in 1765. 


On 18 November 1742 Jeremiah Moulton, Jr., of York, took up settlers’ lots numbers 9, 21, and 22 in Sanford. At the time of his death he owned 235 acres of land in Sanford, and half of Chadbourne’s saw-mill, 

Children:    Jotham Moulton – 1742

                   Abigail Moulton-Lyman – 1745

                   Joel Moulton – 1751


Brigadier General Jotham Moulton (I)                                  Joanna Tilden (Possible Royal DNA)

  1. 12 Feb 1742                                                                         B. 30 Nov 1744

York Village, York County, Maine, USA                                Boston, Suffolk County, 

  1. May 1777 (aged 35)                                                           Massachusetts, USA

York Village, York County, Maine, USA                               D. 19 Jan 1835 (aged 90)

                                                                                                Sanford, York County, Maine, USA

  • Jotham and Joanna married on 11 January 1765 in York, York, Maine.
  • Children:
    •  Jotham Tilden – 1771
    • Rufus – 1775 
    • Jeremiah – 1776
    • Abigail Ruck – 1778?
  • In 1771 Jotham accepted the position of Sheriff of York. 
  • All records of his military promotion cannot be found but we read that at Exeter on August 24, 1775, the Congress voted to make him Colonel of the third Regiment of the Militia in the Colony and went to help fight at the Battle of Saratoga, New York with 167 men from Hampton. The next year the Colonel was made a delegate to the New Hampshire Constitutional Convention.
  • At the end of the Revolution, General Washington presented General Moulton with a new Union flag which was flown from the flag poles at all houses of the patriots in Hampton. * Moulton and Washington had a few interactions. 
  • Jotham died suddenly between May 8 – 14 while at home on furlough. He served with honor in the American Revolution, being chosen Brigadier in 1776 by the Provincial Congress.
  • Jotham Moulton & Joanna Tilden were cousins. Jotham became an extensive landowner at Sanford. He built and owned part of the Iron Works at Sanford Corner. He built the first bridge across the river. He had made arrangements to move to Sanford, and had built a large house at South Sanford. After his death, this house was moved to the Corner. After his widow married Major Samuel Nasson they moved into it and it became known as the Nasson house                


Jotham Tilden Moulton (II)                                                     Mary Farrar

  1. 15 Jan 1771                                                                        B. 11 Aug 1772

York Village, York County, Maine, USA                               Lincoln, Middlesex County, 

  1. 3 Nov 1857 (aged 86)                                                        Massachusetts, USA

Bucksport, Hancock County, Maine, USA                             D. 7 Jun 1865 (aged 92)

Buried at Castine Cemetery 

Castine, Hancock County, Maine, USA

  • Plot: Sec A Lot 131
  • Jotham and Mary married on 16 October 1802 at Hanover, Grafton, New Hampshire.
  • Children:
    • Jotham Tilden
    • Mary June
  • Jotham was a Physician
    • There is documentation from his college listing him as a medical student at Bowdoin College but there are also other listings of him as a Farmer.
    • The narrative that Brittany from Wells Fargo pieced together noting that Jotham T. Moulton was a lawyer however I think there was confusion with a later Jotham. 


Jotham Tilden Moulton (III)                                               Charlotte Harding Fenno

  1. 8 Oct 1808                                                                      B. 1827

Bucksport, Hancock County, Maine, USA                         Boston, Suffolk County, 

  1. 29 Dec 1881 (aged 73)                                                  Massachusetts, USA

Cook County, Illinois, USA                                                D. 1885 (aged 57–58)

                                                                                            San Francisco, San Francisco County,

                                                                                            California, USA

  • Buried at Graceland Cemetery                             Buried at Cypress Lawn Memorial
    • Plot: ReSUB “N”, Lot 54, Grave 2           Plot: k lot 206
  • Jotham Tilden Moulton (III) was a lawyer. 
  • Married first to Anna Padelford Cooke (24 April 1836) and from that marriage had children: Mary Moulton (1839) and Anna Moulton (1841). 
  • Second Marriage was to Sophia F. Moulton (25 April 1840) and from that marriage had a child: Henrietta Moulton (1853). 
  • Third Marriage was to Charlotte Harding Fenno (28 April 1952) and from that marriage had children: Lewis F. Moulton (1854) and Irving Moulton (1857). 
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Lewis Fenno Moulton                                            

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