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Moulton Elementary Mural

Moulton Elementary Mural at 29851 Highlands Ave, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Depicting Lewis Moulton at his homestead in modern day Laguna Hills

The Moulton Co. and Moulton Museum support the arts. This Moulton Ranch Mural was created by Walter Viszolay in 2015 at Moulton Elementary. It was part of an exhibit on the Moulton family to honor their pioneer history.

A group of students gets hands-on to help artist Walter Viszolay finish his murals at Moulton Elementary School.

Read more about in the Moulton Ranch Mural in the OC Register article Artist depicts life in Laguna Niguel in school mural with the interview with Walter below:

By CHRISTOPHER YEE | | San Gabriel Valley Tribune

LAGUNA NIGUEL – As Moulton Elementary School prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Walter Viszolay spends his free mornings and afternoons on the playground.
The Laguna Beach artist and muralist volunteered to help paint the school’s handball courts when he could get away from his Laguna Canyon studio, and in doing so, he’s taken on the task of capturing the region’s character and history.
Viszolay’s murals capture images of the Saddleback Valley and its agrarian, ranching history as well as nearby Strands, Salt Creek and Monarch beaches.
Even current school staff and students have been incorporated into the murals, with Viszolay seeking to capture the faces of those who make Moulton what it is today.
Q. Have you enjoyed this project?
A. I’m stoked. I love doing big landscape paintings – it feels just like you’re helping create God’s creation.
Q. How did you become involved?
A. Carrie Zeller, a photographer and parent here, is familiar with my work. She saw my mural at The Cliff Restaurant and thought I was the right guy for the job.
Q. Is there anything specific about Moulton Elementary that’s helped inspire you?
A. It’s a great location. It’s inspirational, man. It goes back to old Laguna. I’ve seen old pictures of this place with covered wagons, the old ranch that used to be here, a lot of cattle and cattle rustlers branding cattle on the field.
Q. What’s it been like painting with a captive student audience?
A. I’ve got three kids of my own but no grandkids yet, so I’ve been treating them like my grandkids. They don’t get too involved, but they do want me to paint every one of them on the wall. I’ve tried my best to include impressions of some of the kids and some of the teachers in the murals. It’s getting everybody excited about it.
Q. How much longer will you be working on the murals?
A. A couple weeks. I get up early, come over, start in, work until 10-10:30 a.m. then go open up shop. Some mornings I have less time if I surf, like today.
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