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Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

Aliso and Wood Canyon has a visitor center that incorporates Moulton Ranch history. The site contains ranching legacies that you can view from the trail such as the coral. Visit OC Parks for more information.

The Moulton Museum is committed to supporting local agencies with its local history. Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park is “approximately 4,500 acres of wilderness and natural open space land. Originally, part of the Juaneno or Acajchemem tribal land, it later was owned by Don Juan Avila, Lewis Moulton, The Mission Viejo Company and now is under the jurisdiction of OC Parks. Within the park lands are mature oaks, sycamores, and elderberry trees, two year round streams and more than 30 miles of official trails. Many rare and endangered plants and animals make this park their home. This park is designated as a wildlife sanctuary.”

We are collaborating with the OC Parks staff to develop exhibits for the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park Visitor Center. This 2,500 square-foot visitor center has “interpretive displays and a welcome station with information and maps to educate the public on the park’s diverse history, natural resources, and recreational amenities.” Currently, the park has signage that reminds hikers the heritage of this site. We are helping facilitate meaningful conversations with the public about the history of this landscape.

Take a look at this Relics from the Farm: The Moulton Ranch raise more that cattle sign that is placed in front of a harvester. These large agricultural equipment were used to gather crops on land that was subleased to farmers. They often shared large pieces of machinery like this and worked as a collective. The sign image shows a 20th century tractor.

A red and blue pickup truck is parked next to a tractor and large, red combine. Two people stand near or on the truck, one sits on the tractor, and three are on the columbine. One man stands behind to the right. The vehicle’s license plate reads “T127.”

The original Moulton Ranch corrals are still visible where animals were herded near Soka University in this canyon. Follow the path of our namesake Moulton family members with the Mathis Loop Trail that is lined with the historic ranch fences. Visit to learn more about this project. View their PDF map for more site information.

Witness History at Aliso Woods Canyon

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Sun – Sat: 7:00 am – Sunset
1910 2022

Courtesy of the Autry Museum of the West, donated by Jill Tipton (2021.04, Daguerre, 1910)

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