Are you ready to take your classroom instruction to the next level? Moulton Museum is proud to offer an educational program focused on creating immersive, interactive, and highly engaging lessons that celebrate the rich ranching history of Orange County. In collaboration with local teachers and administrators, we invite local educators (like YOU!) to schedule your next field trip and tour our latest exhibits and art gallery at Moulton Museum.

Purpose and Objectives


At Moulton Museum, we are all about building connections between the past, present, and future. We are honored to be able to pass on the pioneer spirit with the young pioneers of Orange County. 

If you are a local educator interested in participating in our Trunk Program, please fill out our Trunk Program Reservation Form below. 

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The Pioneer Spirit

Honoring the Pioneer Spirit

At Moulton Museum, we honor “The Pioneer Spirit.” We believe it coursed through the veins of Lewis and Nellie Gail Moulton and was a keystone of their successes throughout their lifetimes.

To embrace and embody the traits of “The Pioneer Spirit”, we believe one should:

      • Dream big
      • Persevere
      • Work hard
      • Care about people and community
      • Cherish the land and environment around you

Who Can Participate

K-12 Teachers & Students

We are now offering field trips for local schools! If you are a K-12 educator local to Orange County, we would love to have your class visit Moulton Museum for your next field trip!

Moulton Museum has engaged former teachers to develop appropriate grade-level curriculum. Are you a charter, public, private, or homeschool group? We can customize the curriculum for your upcoming visit.

We make field trips easy, accessible, and enjoyable for teachers and students.

Don't Miss Out!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience history on a whole new level. Our education program offers several benefits we know you’ll appreciate! 

Start this journey today by reserving our new History Trunk for two weeks prior or after your visit. 

By making your reservation, you and your students will enjoy:

Getting Started

What You Need To Know

We ask that you consider a $5.00 donation per person for our program. This classroom tour will be a customized experience ranging in length from 1-1.5 hours long. Please let us know your classroom grade so we can offer our state standard program. We have interactive learning activities that range from learning morse code to an art activity.

Start by filling out our Classroom Tour Reservation Form with your group size, preferred dates, and accommodation requests. Our team will respond to confirm our site’s availability to give a classroom tour. 

What To Expect


Prepare to receive a guided tour of a museum and gallery. Please be courteous of your fellow classmates as we follow the tour guide leader throughout 1874: Into the west and Nellie’s Gallery by using our indoor voices. We ask that you don’t touch artifacts, but will have an opportunity to interact with our learning trunk. 

Download the Moulton App

Download our free, digital interactive app of the Moulton Museum that works to keep the history of Orange County, California and its ranching history alive. With the Moulton Museum app, you will discover new digital experiences. Guests can walk up to the mural, scan it, and it will begin to animate and narrate the story of each one of these panels to bring Nellie’s story to life.

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We ask for a $5.00 donation per person. To make a donation, please visit our Donate page. 

Please fill out our reservation form. 

You can park in any of the open spaces in the Moulton Ranch Center. We recommend the bus path and parking section noted on this site map.

Yes, we can provide you an area to enjoy your pre-packed lunch following the morning tour. 

One classroom at a time of 40 students or less. If you have more students please reach out to us for questions. 

Free Downloadable Resources

Here's A Sneak Peek!

Take a look at some of the activities that will be available to you when you schedule a classroom tour at Moulton Museum. Here is a sneak peak at just a few of the grade-specific activities your students will enjoy!


Make sure to check back often as our resources will be periodically updated. 

Thank You

Program Support

Thank you to the O.L. Halsell Foundation for your continued support funding our Moulton Museum Education Programs. Your financial support makes educating our future pioneers possible!

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Moulton Museum offers educational tours on the rich history of Orange County that align with grade-level benchmarks and California Common Core State Standards (CCSS). 

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