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The Moulton Museum archives, restores, and preserves Orange County historical artifacts. This includes farm implements and buggies to documents, artwork and images of the period. We are committed to sharing its collection with the public. Expanding the collective understanding of the ranching era and its lasting impact on the economic, social, architectural and cultural fabric of Orange County.

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Moulton Ranch Roundup, Circa 1940 Source: 2017.13.193 Description: A large roundup crowd gathers at the Moulton Ranch. Dozens of cars are parked on the street behind the barbed wire fencing and on the open field itself for the potluck. This photo was taken near the corrals which are situated in modern day Aliso Viejo in the Wood Canyon area close to Soka University. Notice the 1937 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon on the right-hand side of the image and Dunlop Trailers on the left. Some individuals are riding horses. The image is damaged due to the aging process with a large vertical strip of exposure.
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