What is a Branding?

Moulton Roundup - Film Trailer​

Moulton Roundup - Featured 10 Minute Film

The Round Up is an annual event at a ranch.  The 2020 Moulton round up was held at Mathis Ranch in Maxwell, California. For many generations, the Moulton family has used the round up to protect their cattle from deadly diseases and pathogens. Some family members are veterinarians and provide the utmost care to cattle. The cowboys help round up the cattle to by provide the herd with proper marking and vaccinations. Cattle are marked with a brand that registered with Bureau of Livestock Identification. The Moultons have registered and used the “LM” mark since Lewis Fenno Moulton started Moulton Ranch in the 1800s. The family has incorporated other marks such as Glenn Mathis’ Bar M brand, Two cents “2¢”, and CH.

The cattle are bought at livestock auctions. Their register breeds have been part of the family’s long commitment to ranching. Some of the same cattle that roamed the rolling hills of Orange County have offspring that are at various ranches in California and Oregon.

A Round Up is also a community celebration and an opportunity to gather with friends, neighbors and family while embracing the ranching lifestyle. Often games of horseshoe are played and live music is enjoyed. Potluck dishes are enjoyed and are often based on many generations requesting them.

We look forward to future roundups where our communities can gather and celebrate the land.

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