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Welcome to the former Moulton Ranch!

This site was one of the headquarters of L.F. Moulton & Co. that had nearly 22,000 acres. The ranch used to have sheep and cattle in the rolling, open hills of Orange County. We invite you to step back into time with our historical images and maps that will guide you further as you visit our partner site. This location is 7.7 acres that would have been considered a camp. This site was leased and paid residuals to the company. The foreman would operate a site and lived on the premises. The team of workers rested in the bunkhouse and were served meals by a cook. 

Red Barn

The city constructed the new barn in a manner that resembles historic designs on Moulton Ranch. It contains the exhibits and is used for events.

White Barn Storehouse

L. F. Moulton & Co. referred to this at the Mule Barn on the Lewis Fenno Moulton Ranch El Toro, California Imagined as it was when Charlotte Grew Up prior to 1935 map.

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Historic structure was added in the 1920s to house the men who helped operate Moulton Ranch. There was enough room to sleep and rest from the long days. The cook would prepare them meals. Lewis Moulton was 

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Foreman's House

This building was originally constructed in 1920s. It is a reproduction based on archival images provided to the historic architect. A series of foreman lived here during the 20th century. Louise Hanson’s photo album referred to it as the “Little House” as show in the color image from the 1970s.

The Mission Viejo Company used this site as an office when they planned the development of the city. 

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Two Sheds

L. F. Moulton & Co. used these original structures to store ranch equipment and operated a blacksmith. You will see in the interior a variety of agricultural artifacts that were used to operate Moulton Ranch.

Agricultural Artifacts

These historic items were added into a registry and many have metal tags annotating its reference number. A report was written in 1991 to survey the land prior to any bids for city use.

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Moulton Ranch used a Portable Cattle Squeeze & Dehorning Gate. It is a Model 50 L 2200 TECO product by Thompson & Gill, Inc. which was manufactured in Madera, California.

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 “This would be set next to each tree to keep the fruit from freezing using kerosene heat.”

The two historic sheds contain elements from the 1900s. The smudge pot was placed into the historic sheds after construction. This unit was used in the agricultural groves likely in the parcel in San Juan Capistrano. They had citrus tree which required this oil-burning device that was used to prevent frost.

Read Smudge pots were a necessity for early growers in the OC Register.

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