Moulton Celebrates the Pioneer Spirit of Laguna Hills

1/13/23 - Jared Mathis, President of Moulton Museum and CEO of Moulton Company, presented the second Moulton Award.

Celebrating Heritage and the Pioneer Spirit

Once again, we were honored to come together as a community and celebrate our city’s heritage at the 2nd Annual Awards Gala on Friday, January 13, 2023 at The Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills, CA. Hosted by the Laguna Hills Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Moulton Museum, this event allowed us to recognize the achievements of hard working and dedicated individuals who embody the Pioneer Spirit.

The Moulton Award

The Moulton Award was presented by Jared Mathis, Moulton Museum’s President and CEO of Moulton Company. The Moulton Award was established in 2022 as a way to honor and celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Laguna Hills. According to Mathis, “Moulton tradition is one formed of equal parts grit and strong work ethic along with a heavy dose of creativity, vision, and an appreciation for community.”

At Moulton Museum, we call this the Pioneer Spirit. This is based on, “the core Moulton family values passed down through the generations manifested in driving hard towards our goals, to not be afraid to think big and to appreciate the people and environment around us.”

Jared’s great-grandparents, Lewis Fenno Moulton and Nellie Gail Moulton, left us a remarkable legacy of business, philanthropic and environmental achievements. We are proud to recognize our recipients of the Moulton Award carry that same spirit.

1/13/23 – Mayor Heft, Karen Robbins, Carl Heft, and Jared Mathis.

Karen Robbins, 2023 Moulton Award Recipient

Karen Robbins, this year’s 2023 Moulton Award recipient, exudes qualities of the pioneer spirit. Her achievements include, but are not limited to, building Laguna Hill’s connection to Team Darkhorse, a 5th Marines non-profit organization focused on the provision of encouragement, relief, and comfort to the Marines, Sailors, and their respective families of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines USMC.

According to Immediate Past President of the Chamber of Commerce, “Karen has been the longtime leader of the 3/5 Marines Team Darkhorse here in Laguna Hills. Through her many years of dedicated service, she has made our city almost synonymous with the 3/5 Marines, providing amazing support for them and their families, and making our city a household name among them. We feel that she has displayed the pioneering spirit and commitment to our community that we were looking for in a Moulton recipient.” Congratulations, Karen for your achievement!

Building A Brighter Future

Gathering with like-minded pioneers and celebrating their commitment to preserving the rich history of Orange County is always an immense honor. There is something special about connecting with individuals who share in a pioneer spirit – those whose actions have led us to where we are today. Reflecting on the accomplishments of our predecessors, past and present Moulton Award recipients, gives us greater appreciation for our community. Honoring them creates a connection that binds us all together and leaves us looking ahead towards the future, filled with anticipation for more inspiring memories to come.

Do you have a Pioneer Spirit?

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