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Jonathan Moulton

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Jonathan’s Moulton’s House , Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Jonathan’s Moulton’s House in 2022

Brigadier General Jonathan Moulton (July 21, 1726 – September 18, 1787) established himself as a military man and founder. The New England Historical Society stated in 1763 that he gave tribute to the governor and was given land. Moulton House, his residence in Hampton, New Hampshire is an historic site.

“For the first two years of the American Revolutionary War, Moulton’s regiment guarded the 18-mile seacoast of New Hampshire against British invasion. But in the fall of 1777, he marched with his men to the Battle of Saratoga in New York and the defeat of Lt. General, John Burgoyne’s British army invading from Canada. He lends his name to the town of Moultonborough in Carroll County.”

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