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My name is Tim Pryor and I am the Studio Director of ArcanForge, a small boutique digital media experience company focused on the experimental side of the interactive games industry.

History is our greatest tool for understanding why we make certain decisions the way we do, and the people that set a legacy for all future generations. One of the most abundant comments that visitors of Laguna make is how beautiful and preserved the city appears without an understanding of its history. I had the opportunity to share in the legacy of the Moulton Family and how their pioneer spirit led way to incredible achievements, dedication to preserving the land, and the generosity that is responsible for high-quality education that has impacted the lives of so many people.

During the inception of the Moulton Museum, my team at ArcanForge was inspired to think of ways to allow guests to experience the story of the Pioneer Spirit through interactive media. There were several ideas, but two stood out that captured our immediate attention. We started out to design a glasses-free 3D experience where guests can see a digital model of the original ranch that unfortunately no longer exists. From a handful of pictures, we began to reconstruct a digital model that allows guests to see a representation of the original ranch in a new and immersive way that hasn’t been done before.

Inside the museum is another exhibit, the Pioneer Spirit Mural, that captivated our attention. Luis Barajas is the artist behind the artwork that towers over 20ft tall that retells the story of Nellie Gail Moulton through a series of panels that are years and years worth of story packed into each frame. We began to brainstorm about all the ways we could work with this piece and decided to combine a few ideas and create a Moulton Museum app for mobile phones that will allow guests to scan various pieces around the museum for a more enhanced story. While it’s true that pictures can tell a thousand words, Luis Barajas’ mural can tell a whole story, and we wanted to bring it to life. With the Moulton Museum app, guests can walk up to the mural, scan it, and it will begin to animate and narrate the story of each one of these panels to bring Nellie’s story to life.

Everyone can learn from this story and let it inspire them to persevere through difficult times, be charitable in ways that build an everlasting community, and build sustainable habits that allow people to live with the land and not on it. I was absolutely honored to find modern ways to tell such an inspiring story and through the research of their lives, the Moultons legacy has inspired me to embrace the Pioneer Spirit in new ways.
Tim Pryor is also the Department Chair Game Design at LCAD. Moulton Museum is excited to collaborate with Tim and his incredible team! Visit Moulton Museum to see the digital Moulton homestead!